Before the introduction of the series of standards DIN EN 9100 and DIN EN ISO 9001 took place, suppliers in the aerospace industry had already been certified by their customers (Second Party Audit).

The utilized standard QSF (aviation quality assurance system) was developed by the member companies of the BDLI (Bundesverband der Deutschen Luftfahrt- und Raumfahrtindustrie e.V.).

One distinguishes between the classification QSF-A (Production Orders – Extended Workbench), QSF-B (Manufacturing Orders incl. procurement of raw material and subcontracting), QSF-C (QSF-B with order related development) and QSF-D (trader).

The QSF-B certification of LEUKA carried out by EADS / BDLI ran out in 2011. It is not going to be extended due to new strategies of our customers (replaced by the OASIS database).

LEUKA decided to mention this certificate here, because the QSF-Standards are established terms in the aerospace industry.