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Precision Machining
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Precision Machining

Our lapping machines offer precise results through spiral and radial grooving respectively. We guarantee the highest quality with waterbased diamond suspension. The honing machines enable fine grinding and smoothing of internal surfaces with horizontal spindles for precise processing. Polishing and brushing stations ensure a surface roughness of Ra<0.1 for perfect surfaces.


Our advanced machines and experienced specialists ensure that the components meet the highest standards.


 Face lapping

Submicron ELAP 700 single-disc lapping machine

  • Steel disk with spiral groove, diameter 914 mm
  • Use of water-based diamond suspension
  • This machine is specially designed for the production of components for the semiconductor industry.

Wentzky 4R40 single-disc lapping machine

  • Cast disk with radial groove, diameter 400 mm
  • This machine is versatile and offers precise lapping for various materials and applications.


Our honing machines are designed for maximum precision:

  • Spindle alignment horizontal
  • Internal diameter range: minimum 1.5 mm, maximum 165 mm
  • These machines enable the processing of internal surfaces with high precision and excellent surface quality.

 Polishing and brushing

We have specialized workstations for manual and mechanical polishing:

  • Surface roughness: Ra < 0.1
  • Ideal for achieving mirror-smooth surfaces, which are required in numerous industries, such as the optics and semiconductor industries.
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